To nurture each student so they acquire the essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become lifelong, active participants in their own education, develop a sense of self and community and become responsible and compassionate members of society.


  • LP1’s and LP2’s
  • 6Cs Rubric


  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Citizenship
  • Character


Our purpose is to help students become deep learners. It is not about teaching reading and writing but it is about becoming readers and writers. 


  • Each student will be proficient in Reading and Math by the end of 3rd grade 
  • Each student will be proficient in Reading and Math by the end of 6th  grade (Integration?)
  • Each student experience growth in his or her skills and dispositions

  • Sucess criteria is learning from each other, not as a hammer.
  • Tight: Collegiality and Experimentation
  • Ridiculously clear about LP1s and targets (Sheet9s) with LP1’s target ladder, and assessment item

Area of Focus

  • Believe each student CAN learn at high levels
  • S.B.S.L. (K-1)
  • Literacy Instruction (2-6)
  • Lesson Studies (Numbers and operations)

  • Effective Tier 1 Instruction (Quantity and Quality)
  • Accept that all students don’t learn the same way and at the same speed
  • Accept that no teacher possesses all the knowledge