School Community Council

The next School Community Council meeting is scheduled to be held

Wednesday Nov 14th

at 3:30 PM

in the Conference Room

Draft minutes from March 2018 meeting

Agenda items include:

– Introductions
– School Improvement Plan
– Trustlands Funding
– Title One Budget
– Discussion Items


Future Dates:

Feb 13th

March 6th

March 27th

April 24th

What does School Community Council do?
     The school community council (SCC) is comprised of both faculty and community members.  They meet together and help to determine how Trustlands funds are spent at the school level.  SCC meetings are open to all interested parties.  To become a voting member of the SCC, you will need to be elected in April.  Elected members serve for a two year period.

Upcoming SCC Dates:

Feb 13th, March 6th, March 27th, April 24th

Minutes from Recent School Community Council Meetings

SCC Rules of Order and Procedure
SCC Membership